Friday, May 3, 2013

Springing forward while sitting back.

Is it possible to move forward without actually moving? That’s a question I’m asking myself this week after an accident on Saturday injured my foot. I can’t walk very far or fast right now, and for me, that’s a difficult place to be. I know, I’m a busy bee and I try to embrace the Zen idea of non-doing, but I do like ‘to do’, maybe too much.

Perhaps, that’s a clue – too much.

After months of throwing, hand-building, trimming, glazing and firing, I was excited and disappointed. Some of the work turned out better than expected and some not. Either way, I had to keep moving. There were forms to fill out, tags to make, delivering and volunteering to do. I stood and smiled and welcomed and helped at the local ceramics showcase. I talked to friends I haven’t seen in a long time and met some new ones, too. It’s the biggest show I’ve ever participated in and the biggest ceramics show in town. As I stood at the doors greeting over 1,000 people on Saturday morning, I smiled and watched beautiful work walk out the door from hundreds of talented ceramic artists. It was amazing and humbling and inspiring and overwhelming.

Perhaps, that’s a clue, too – amazing.

I had a great time and now it’s over. And, coincidentally, on Saturday after my shifts were over, I fell over. It was a silly accident. I tripped, fell to my knees twisting my foot and now have to spend time each day sitting still. I can walk, but I have to go slowly and stay on even ground.

Another clue – stay on even ground.

So, here I sit. Looking out the window at a beautiful, blue, cloudless sky and chartreuse leaves sparkling with sunshine, I wonder. There is such a big world out there and so many places to go, things to do, dreams to dream and ideas to try. I want to get moving. Just then, my eyes catch the flight of a hawk overhead and I want to soar with it. But, I can’t.
Outside, spring blossoms out and birds fly forward while I sit back and watch for a bit.

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