Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Fire of Life.

The New Year rings in with celebrations. Mine rang in early to the sound of fireworks and bursting flames. My friend, Patrick Gracewood, puts together a sculpture every year meant to burn in the New Year and this year’s sculpture was especially spectacular. This nest built of wood branches on a tree-like trunk was as beautiful as nature’s own works of art. The symbolism of a nest was such a wonderful illustration of what I believe is the heart of the New Year.
But, I know that for some the New Year has lost its heart. In my last post, I talked about my decision to ring in the New Year with no baggage from the past or future. I am not alone.
Since I wrote my blog last week on New Year’s Eve, I’ve read at least a half dozen blogs from many well-known self-help authors proposing changes to the standard resolution and goal setting that they usually suggest. Some are asking you to ask yourself questions. Some are suggesting that you give yourself a word or phrase to be a theme for the new year. Some suggest that you visualize what you desire to have in your life.
I see a problem here.

All of these ideas focus on making your life better. What’s the problem with a better life, you ask? That’s exactly the problem. By coming up with ideas for a better life, you are seeing your life as not good enough. By asking yourself questions, you’re assuming you need answers. By focusing on a word or phrase as your theme for the New Year, you’re looking toward the future.
Today, you are here.
You are breathing, seeing, smelling, touching and tasting.
You are alive.
You are loving and laughing and crying and shouting and silent.
You are enough.
Whether you are creating a garden, a story, a dinner, a mug or bowl, a surprise to put a smile on the face of someone you love, or a sculpture to burn to ash, you are already making life better. Yours. Mine. All of ours.

Just by being here. On this planet. Today.
You don’t have to make a list or ask a question or come up with a better idea. See that the fire of life is in you and let it shine.
You don’t even have to make a sculpture to burn, but I’m glad Patrick did it. It was beautiful and magical and spectacular and joyful and fun!
Now that’s celebrating the fire of life!


Patrick Gracewood said...

Susan, so glad you came. Love your take on resolutions. Now is enough, in fact, now is the best blessing possible.

Susan Gallacher-Turner and Mike Turner said...

Yes, Patrick!
And one of the many blessings we can all enjoy right now is art!

I'm so glad to have been part of your New Year Burning again!