Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Celebrating: Stepping into a new Life.

On September 12, 1982, I stepped through the doors of the Jenkins Estate and walked into a new life.

I felt like a princess emerging from 1900’s master suite walking the long veranda to marry Michael under the hanging flower baskets. Vows were said. Rings were exchanged. Our friends sang us a love song by Crosby, Stills & Nash, “Song for Susan.” Then we ate and drank and laughed in the grand living room.

A few weeks ago, we visited the Jenkins Estate again and learned more about this English-style hunting lodge with stables, greenhouses, teahouse and gardens. It was built in 1915 on 68 acres, 16 miles outside the city of Portland by Belle Ainsworth Jenkins. She and her husband, Ralph, lived there until her death in 1963. The house was sold to a developer, but then purchased by Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation in 1975.

The master bedroom and living room is still as beautiful as we remembered. The grounds even more beautiful having been wonderfully restored since we were married there.

We had our picture taken on the little bridge, and then we crossed it and went off on our honeymoon.

Last week, we went off on our anniversary to Sunriver where we spent our honeymoon 30 years ago. We watched the sunset. Soaked in the hot tub. Sipped champagne. Munched on brie and grapes.

Walked all around the resort from this special spot by the river to the Nature Center, Observatory, Marina, Airport to the Village and Lodge.

Admired the deer.

Floated down the Deschutes in a canoe.

Thirty years ago, it was a scary taking that step out to the veranda, into the unknown of a new life. We didn’t know what our lives held except each other. But together we birthed, parented and raised two wonderful children, weathered the storms of life and job changes and emerged with a life that holds so much joy and love. And most of all, each other.

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