Friday, June 29, 2012

In the Garden.

The red leaf lettuce is growing so fast, I can hardly pick enough to keep up with it. I have fresh beets to cook tonight. The tomatoes plants are getting bigger, slowly.
And the zucchini is blooming which means that little veggies are on the way. Yum.
I never thought that I would love growing my own little garden so much. I do. This year, along with cucumbers and chard, I’m trying eggplant.
I’ve always loved cooking from scratch. Baking my own bread or muffins. Simmering my own sauces, soups and stews. But I’d never thought about growing my own food in my own yard.
I love picking my own salad fresh from my own yard. Pinching fresh herbs for sauces. Pulling up a fresh bunch of garlic. This year, I even have a few of my own strawberries! I even got to one before my dog, Jilly ate it first.
One thing that gardening does require: patience. Even though it’s hard to wait for those tomatoes, especially in this climate of cool, rainy days, it’s worth it.

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