Monday, September 12, 2011

29 years later: I still do.

Song for Susan by Crosby, Stills and Nash. Michael had two of his friends play it to me at our wedding. 29 years later, it still brings a smile to my face.

It’s my wedding anniversary today. Twenty nine years ago, this afternoon, I said, “I do.” Michael said, “I do”, too. I’d never been married before, so I was embarking on a new journey and I was scared. Michael had been through the whole wedding experience before, so I thought he’d be very relaxed and calm. But when he said his promises to me, I saw the deep love in his glistening eyes. And I knew then, that this man loved me and needed me as much as I loved and needed him. This was a big step and a new journey for both of us. I also knew deep, deep down that we were going to make it together.

And we have, indeed, made it through together. As good friends, teammates, parents, and lovers, still, we’ve been there for each other through 29 years of career and life changes. We’ve packed up and moved and built two homes. Raised two children from cribs to colleges to their own careers. Painted rooms, houses and canvases. Remodeled bathrooms and bedrooms. Paid off cars and loans. Learned to bargain, budget, save and, now, occasionally spend a little on ourselves.

After our daughter was born and I wanted to stay home with her, Michael supported my career choice even when friends didn't. When I started back to school taking art classes, painting and sculpting, Michael was there building counters, shelves and rolling carts for my clay, colors and brushes. When he started building RC model planes, I helped him set up a space to work, gave him art bins to hold his tools and bought him gift certificates to the hobby shop. When I wanted to show my art work and teach but doubted my abilities, he was right there telling me I could do it. And I did. When he wanted to take flying lessons after years of wanting to be a pilot, I told him he could do it. And he did. When job and life changes shook us both to the core, we hung on, held out and gave each other hope and encouragement.

A few weeks ago, when our daughter got married, we worked as a team on the details and we walked her down the aisle, together. After watching our daughter say, “I do”, we danced at a wedding once again, in each other’s arms.

Today, on our 29th wedding anniversary, I say, "Michael, I still do."


Judy said...

Happy Anniversary! It is great to be married to your best friend, isn't it.

Susan Gallacher-Turner and Mike Turner said...

It sure is!!!