Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cowl Crazy

Knitting or crocheting a cowl or infinity scarf is the big new craze. There are patterns in magazines and on the internet. I love to crochet, so I decided to make one myself. I'm crazy about it.

It was fast and fun to crochet. I picked up the 2 balls of yarn at my local JoAnn's craft store on sale, $4 a ball. I just chained long enough to drape, slip stitched to form a circle and started crocheting in the round until I ran out of yarn. Easy.

But here's what I really's soft, snugly and warm and it can be worn three different ways. I can wear it draped as an infinity type scarf.

Drape it over my shoulders like a shawl without the worry that it will slide off.

Double it over to cozy up around my neck when it's really cold.

Three scarves in one with two balls of yarn for only $8! What fun!

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