Saturday, May 15, 2010

Patience and Peonies - Around the House

About 3 years ago, I planted five peony bushes. With peony bushes, you don't get blooms the first year, and maybe not the second. So, as a lover of their huge showy blossoms and delicious scent, I had to be patient.

This year, my waiting was rewarded with these huge peonies with fuchsia colored petals and bright yellow centers. As you can see, it's got those bees a buzzing!

I also have a nice new crop of Calla Lilies bursting forth right now, too. Their smooth white flowers are such a sculptural delight.

Also, in the garden, thanks to some tips from Susan Tweit's blog on starting seeds indoors, I have these great little beet plants. I planted the seeds in the pots and put them in my sunny and warm upstairs bathroom a few weeks ago. Now, they're ready to plant in the garden box tomorrow.

I have three more peony bushes ready to burst into bloom. So, again, patience is required. But sometimes, it's definitely worth the wait. At least this year, I know the rewards will be bountiful and beautiful!


goldenbird said...

Your peonies and Calla Lilies are beautiful, Susan. Definitely worth the wait.

Now I want to start veggie seedlings in my bathroom. Must be contagious :o)

Susan Gallacher-Turner and Michael Turner said...

I hate the waiting, but nature definitely provided the reward for my patience.

Let me know how your veggie starts turn out!!