Sunday, September 5, 2021

“I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils”


This quote always comes to me this time of year. It’s from the movie, “You’ve Got Mail” written by Nora Ephron. The message is delivered by email from Joe Fox, played by Tom Hanks to Kathleen Kelley, played by Meg Ryan. 

It makes me smile and remember some simple joys of childhood: going back to school shopping. It means getting a new box of crayons, pencils, a pencil box and new lunch box. I wore a uniform, so I didn’t get pretty new clothes. Just a few new white blouses and a pair of regulation dark shoes. 

But I loved my colorful new crayons. Sometimes, I got colored pencils, too. Which is why, even now with my children all grown, I can’t help buying new school supplies. 

Notebooks and folders and pens, oh my. 

Really, I was just going to get a refill for my journal. But then, the 24 pack of multi-colored sharpies was on sale. 

And then, there were pocket folders with black and white flowers. And, of course, I needed a new notebook to keep track of our home reconstruction. 

And then, well there was a combo sketch and notebook which is just perfect for putting all the kitchen details in and design ideas. 

Well, then, how could I leave this wonderful black and white folio file? Perfect for all the insurance, contractor and subs information. Right?

Back to School.  

I’m so encouraged by my successful first outside sale two weeks ago. I look forward to finding more ways to get my ceramics out there to new people. But the hard reality is, with all the house reconstruction due to happen, I won’t be able to create new work in my studio for a while.  

So I may have to learn to create in different ways. The first step is already happening: letting go of the old. Old files, dried up supplies, unfinished and broken pieces. Saving and rediscovering notes, stories and sculptures that need a little love and attention. 

I may not be school age anymore, but that doesn’t mean I stop learning. One thing I learned this week from my ‘end of the school year’ type of purge is to see the room I have for the new. 

Colors and design ideas for my 20+ year old home. 

Better ways to save things I love. Empty shelves waiting to be filled with new creations.

And, yes, maybe a bouquet of newly sharpened (colored) pencils. 

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